Philosophy In Practice

12 Week Philosophy and Happiness Course


Philosophy and Happiness Course Content

Questions considered
§ What is true happiness?
§ Is this natural to a man or woman?
§ How may it be experienced fully and how is it lost?
§ Is it permanent or transient?
§ What is the effect of gaining happiness at the expense of another person’s happiness?
§ Is such happiness true and lasting?

We will cover:
§ Happiness and service
§ Is happiness natural? Happiness and law
§ Happiness and utilitarianism
§ Happiness and pleasure, Epicurus, Aristippus, Plato
§ The Platonic goods which lead to happiness
§ An introduction to Masillio Ficino
§ Lao Tzu, finding inner equilibrium
§ Happiness, contentment, Patanjali
§ Finding happiness in work
§ Happiness and wisdom

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