Philosophy In Practice


Philosophy In Practice

The Practical Philosophy Course


For each and every one of us, finding a balance between wisdom, happiness and love provides the means for a fuller and more rewarding life. This introductory course in practical philosophy concentrates on these three themes. Taking each in turn, over three 10 – 12 week terms, the course provides an understanding of what a naturally balanced life is like, and offers practical steps to achieve this for oneself.
For those students that wish it, the opportunity to take up mantra meditation is also made available. Meditation is a central practice in regaining inner stillness and confidence.

In the company of like minded people, the introductory course in Practical Philosophy caters for all those that feel the need of a systematic way to enjoy a meaningful life, whatever their background, beliefs, education or gender.

Quotes from philosophy students …..

Article written by Karen Horrocks a part 4 student of Practical Philosophy in Doncaster for the in-house magazine at Doncaster Council. Karen works in the social services department.

Have you always wondered about life, what it’s all about, how to become the best version of yourself and your purpose and position amongst it all? Such big questions that we all find ourselves pondering at some point in our lives. While I can’t promise you that you will answer all your questions, I can say that these sessions provide an ideal environment for grappling with them.

I have found that the thought provoking storytelling, group discussion, and the shared experience of others in our practical application of the philosophical principles go some way towards gleaming a sense of Truth and understanding concerning questions beyond the capacity of the phraseology of words. You gain a deeper understanding that seems to delve deeper into the consciousness of everyday living, but at the same time goes far beyond a sense of the ordinary everyday. By this I mean, a truer sense of reality, individual to each and every one of us, is revealed which only we can discover for ourselves by putting the weekly practical tasks into practice.

Through the progression of the varied terms of topics, I’ve witnessed fellow group members expressing a greater sense of well being and contentment, the value of which cannot be underestimated. The sharing of ideas, personal perspectives and periods of stillness in a group setting brings a depth and quality to the weekly group meetings that somehow weaves together a magic formula of an exploratory means of philosophical discovery accessible to anyone and everyone who has an enthusiasm to learn new ways of perceiving reality and a passion for getting the best out of life.

Too often people can think that philosophy is reserved for clever people with a pencil tucked behind their ear and those reading glasses that sit on the tip of the nose. I can assure you that you will not get that in these groups, unless you particularly like the idea of carrying a pencil behind your ear and a well thumbed copy of Plato’s The Republic tucked under your arm. Either way, these are by no means necessary or required props to enable you to feel at home in the group sessions. Absolutely no prior knowledge about philosophy is required and notes are provided so no frantic scribbling!

Do you get homework? Yes, but it’s not working out of a text book and requires no further reading unless you find a topic particularly interesting and you wish to follow it up purely for your own enjoyment. Your homework is simply to incorporate aspects of each session into ways of thinking, doing or being into what you already do day to day. It sounds simplistic, but complex observations can be drawn from it to improve your everyday experience.

Ultimately, it is in the practical application of philosophical principles that bring this subject to life, or more precisely, enables us to see life and the world we live in more clearly. To this end, I’d say give it a try, you never know what you will discover!”


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